Communions and Confirmations look to go ahead in late summer

Published on June 3, 2020

Communions and Confirmations look to go ahead in late summer


Claire Concannon


One thing that some of the youngsters of our country missed out on over the last few months was making their communion and confirmation.

However, it seems that all those who missed out on the religious tradition will be able to make up for it later this summer in parts of the country.

The Catholic Diocese of Limerick announced yesterday that communions and confirmations would begin again in the late summer months.

The diocese has also set up a special registration system so that all those who want to be included can be, with all families whose children missed out on the sacrament being urged to sign up to the register as soon as they can.

Dr Brendan Leahy said that the sacrament ceremonies would be the same as always except they would be taking place at a later date and there will be fewer people involved to comply with safety regulations.

Speaking at St John’s Cathedral in Limerick, Dr Leahy said: ‘My hope is that from late summer onwards we will be able in small groups to begin celebrating the sacrament of confirmation in parishes across the diocese.’

The registration system has been set up so that it made easier for students who will have left the school by late summer while communion students are also being asked to use the same systems so as to inform the parishes about dates.