The re-opening of our parish churches-please read

Published on June 27, 2020

Many thanks and appreciation to Mags Curtin, a member of our Covid-19 Protection Team within our Community who read out the following at mass this evening, regarding the re-opening of our parish churches. Please read and share with others, especially those who do not have access to technology. Thank you

******Reminder masses will be held outdoors at the weekends Templeglantine on Saturday evenings at 6pm following by mass in Mountcollins at 7:30pm. Mass will be in Tournafulla on Sunday Mornings at 11am. Weekday masses for the vulnerable and the elderly are Tuesdays at 10am in Templeglantine, Thursday evenings at 7pm in Mountcollins and Friday evenings at 7pm in Tournafulla.****live streaming of a weekend mass (held outdoors) will continue and the obligation to attend weekend Mass remains suspended at this time.

In Christ’s teaching he invites us to“ love our neighbour”, “Love our neighbour as ourselves”. As we return to our churches for public worship, the challenge of loving our neighbour will become very real and very challenging. As a congregation ,we can show love for our neighbours by being very mindful of our own individual behaviour. Actions such as observing social distancing, correct hand hygiene, proper cough etiquette and the wearing of masks when necessary, are examples of this.
Presently each church committee is busy preparing for the safe return to worship for all our parishioners. However, “ It will not be business as usual “. The following actions are being taken to limit our exposure to the covid virus.
.Parishioners are asked to attend their own parish church.
. For the moment we will have to limit the number of people who can be in the church to a maximum of 50 ( in line with the government roadmap.)
.On arrival re-parking , social distancing will apply .
.We request that the car spaces in and around the church remain free. Stewards will be available to assist at all times.
. There will be a one way system for entering and leaving and the church.Clear marking’s and Stewards will be available to help with same.
.The holy water fonts will remain empty Each church will have a dispenser where holy water for bottles can be filled.
. Worshipers will be asked to sanitize their hands on entering and leaving the church.(Stewards will be there to assist)
.The use of facemasks while inside the church is recommended and welcomed.
. Parishioners will not be able to choose where they sit, nor will standing be allowed.
.Seats will be clearly marked to indicate where to sit in line with social distancing guidelines .Parishioners will be directed to their seats by Stewards . Accommodation will be made for family groups and those whose with special needs and their carers.
.No leaflets will be available.
.A box will be available at church gates to replace normal basket collection.
. Eucharist ministers will wear face masks and sanitize their hands before and after communion.
Parishioners, if receiving communion can they remove their masks using the elastic over one ear, (avoid touching the mask) and replace the mask by using same elastic. Bag and dispose of mask responsibly once outside the church.

Lastly, we ask that the congregation to observe good social distancing on leaving the church.
Please do not congregate outside the church. Remember love thy neighbour by staying apart.

We look forward to worship with you all again in the days and weeks ahead.
The lord tells us that” this too will pass”.