Please note winter mass schedule

Published on September 19, 2020

**Please note the following**

The radio signal has been a great success outside Mountcollins Church last Sunday morning. People who wanted to listen to the mass from their cars outside the church on 105.1FM station said it very clear and were delighted with its success.

We are currently waiting on a transmitter for both Tournafulla and Templeglantine at the moment so hopefully in the near future parishioners there, will have access to the same service.

With regards to the weekend winter mass schedule starting from 3rd and 4th October, with the support and help from Canon Ambrose

There will be a 6pm mass in both Templeglantine and Tournafulla on Saturday evenings. On Sundays, there will be a 10am mass in Templeglantine and a 11am mass in Mountcollins.

Please share and spread the message to others especially to those who do not have access to technology. Thank you 🤗