A reflection read out by Fr Mullane at this evening’s mass

Published on October 24, 2020

A Reflection read out by Fr Mullane at this evening’s mass.

Now that the day
has come to an end,
I thank you Lord
for family and friends.

For all that has happened
both the good and the bad,
for the life and the laughter,
for the tearful and sad.

Looking back on the day,
help me to see
the ways in which
you’ve walked with me.

Thank you Lord
for the stillness of night,
guide family and friends
to morning light.

For those who won’t make it
to greet a new day:
may they go gently,
angels guiding the way.

For those sick or in pain
or struggling to cope:
draw close to them Lord
and fill them with hope.

May we sleep soundly
with help from above,
and awaken with gusto
to be agents of love. Amen