Indulgence for the Holy Souls for the Month of November

Published on November 15, 2020

“I can no longer see you with my eyes, touch you with my hands, but I will feel you in my heart forever” 💜

In November We Remember our Beloved Dead. Indulgence for the Holy Souls is for the Month of November. Below are prayers that you can say when visiting a cemetery or when you visit the church to light a candle for your loved one in Heaven. Also, there are grave candles available in each church.

Visiting a Graveyard ✝️
Lord we come to this holy place to pray for the soul of someone we love and still cherish.Their body lies in the womb of the earth, but we trust that their spirits and soul are free and that their love is with us always. We take a moment to remember them and join with them and with each other in silence and prayer. We make these prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen

Lighting a Candle for the Holy Souls 🕯
In thanksgiving for the light and love we
received in and through ___________
we light this candle and pray a prayer that
our ancestors prayed each time they lit a
‘A Shlánaitheoir, go dtuga tú soilse
Flaithiúnais dár n-anamacha is na
anamacha atá imithe romhainn faoi
chomartha an chreideamh’
‘Lord, show the light of Heaven to our
souls and the souls of those who are gone
before us marked with the sign of faith.