Mass times for this week and a reminder of Christmas mass times

Published on December 13, 2020

Mass times this week are as follows:


-On Tuesday morning mass at 10am
-On Wednesday 16th December, Adoration at 7pm followed by the rosary.
-Saturday 19th Dec, Mass at 6pm (this mass will be live streamed)
-Sunday 20th Dec, Mass at 10am

-Friday 18th Dec, Mass at 10am followed by Adoration
– Saturday at 6pm

-Thursday 17th Dec, at 10am
– Sunday 20th Dec, Mass at 11am

Please note all masses can be accessed on 105.1FM. People who wish to remain in their cars or when the church has reached its allowed capacity, you can receive at the main door. For those who physically cannot come to the door, communion will be brought down to you in the car but please inform the Eucharistic minister. For those who are confined to their homes, we encourage a family member to bring communion to them.

Just a reminder also of Christmas Mass times

All these masses will be held outdoors (weather permitting) and for those who cannot stand for the duration of mass, can sit within the church building). All masses will be available on 105.1FM. One mass on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day will be live streamed)
○Templeglantine at 2pm
○Tournafulla at 3:30pm
○Mountcollins at 3:30pm

○Templeglantine at 10am
○Tournafulla at 11am
○Mountcollins at 10am

○Templeglantine & Tournafulla both at 6pm

○Templeglantine at 10am
○Mountcollins at 11am