A word of thanks from Fr Denis Mullane

Published on April 19, 2021

A word of thanks to all in our Communities

I wish to sincerely thank you for your support and help in keeping our parishes running from week to week. No parish could possibly function without the support of a team of volunteers who keep the wheels turning smoothly. This has been the second year in a row that we had Easter ceremonies without the presence of parishioners in our churches. Celebrating masses and these ceremonies in an empty church is a strange experience, but it has been very encouraging knowing that you were praying and joining with us virtually. Having been asked to remember so many in prayer has given a greater focus and purpose to our ceremonies.

I firstly want to thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement, and your messages on Facebook. I wish to thank all who have contributed their time and efforts to keep our masses going throughout lockdown and especially through Easter. To all our talented musicians and singers, readers & their leaders, Eucharistic ministers, sacristans and their assistants, those who helped with Easter ceremonies preparing the Easter fires, bottling Easter holy water, and who helped in any way. We wish to thank our parish secretaries and those who help with Facebook and the parish website and the weekly correspondents of parish notes in the local newspapers. It has been an absolute blessing to have such incredible support and expertise in bringing the holy week ceremonies to our parishioners’ phones and laptops in such a special way. I wish to thank all in our communities especially the youth who have encouraged and set up Facebook for neighbours and who tuned in our parish radio particular for the elderly. Thanks to all our parishioners near and far and new friends who keep in touch weekly through Facebook.
A special thanks to all who contribute and arrange flowers in our churches and who keep our churches looking immaculate both inside and outside and our stewards who help with funerals. Thank you to those who have kept our places for the dead respectful and tidy despite the challenges of Covid. Thanks to members of the finance teams and money counters, to our pastoral councils’ as well as our Covid-19 team.
Both our finance committees and I wish to extend a very sincere thanks for your continued generosity towards the upkeep of our churches, the support of our sacristans and us priests through the Easter dues. We were very uplifted by your tremendous offerings to Trócaire this year.
Many thanks to all our frontline workers in our communities and all those who provide essential services for our parishioners. I wish all the children and students in our parishes, school staff and those who manage them a safe term in school. We look forward to the return of our altar servers and our parish choirs.
It has been a difficult year for so many but especially for families who have lost loved ones in the past few weeks and months. We continue to remember you in our masses and prayers. Our thoughts are also with family members who could not return home for Easter and other events, we remember those who had special occasions postponed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Finally, Canon Ambrose sends his kind regards to you all. We both wish you and yours every blessing and please God in the not too distant future we will all be present at Mass again in our parishes. God bless, take care, and stay safe.
Fr. Denis Mullane