Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Mountcollins

Sunday 11am
Thursday 10am

Mountcollins was formerly called Knockroedermot. The area used to be called the “Munster Coalfield”. A large tract of land was reclaimed here in the middle of the nineteenth century. There are hills to the north and south-east and the land is mainly boggy. In the past, there was little more than a road in Mountcollins and people used to say, “I’m going to the road” in reference to it. During the famine in Mountcollins, a number of new roads were laid as part of the relief works that began nationwide in an effort to alleviate the immense poverty that existed at the time. Mountcollins got its present name from Fr Luke Collins.

Fr Collins served as priest to both Abbeyfeale and Mountcollins from the 1730s until his death in 1775. Fr Collins first said mass in a building on a hill called ‘the Mount’, which is the site of the present day church. Hence the name Mountcollins. The church in Mountcollins is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. It was built in 1859 and the building was extended during 1954/5. The church in Mountcollins is close to the Kerry border and indeed some of the churchgoers here are from Co. Kerry. The church bell was installed in 1992 in memory of Mrs Johanna Bell, who was a benefactress of the parish. In the porch of the church there is a water font that was erected by Mountcollins D. S. in 1945. There are stained glass windows on the left side of the church of St Pius X, St Joseph and Blessed Oliver Plunkett. On the right hand side of the church there are stained glass windows to St Anne, St Cecilia and St Maria Goretti. Over the gallery there are stained glass windows of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the

Sacred Heart. Various donors presented the stained glass windows to the church. There is an altar to St Theresa of Liseux on the left of the nave. To the left of the main altar there is a statue to Mary and to the right of the main altar, there is a statue to the Sacred Heart.

Buried in the grounds of the church is:

Daniel F. Murphy C.C. 1949-1959 P.P. 1979-1990
Fr Richard Shanahan PP.

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